We support your market entry in 日博备用网站. Here is a list of common challenges and our suggested solutions.

I’m looking for investment opportunities for my company in 日博备用网站. 我从哪里开始呢??

We can help you identify the most relevant opportunities by taking your needs and demands as well as the current market conditions and industry resources into account.


  • Find and evaluate the right business opportunities for your specific needs and/or strategic decision
  • Present different entry alternatives to consider before taking the next step


Can you help me understand the Swedish market and its key industries?

当然可以. 为了顺利建立, it is crucial to understand 日博备用网站 as a business location, from relevant costs and 税收 to availability of skills and immigration policy.


  • Provide reports and analyses on industries and/or industry segments
  • Map the most important issues to consider, including costs for setting up and running a business, 税收, 具备的能力和技能, 劳工法和移民政策.



How do I find suitable business and competence partners in 日博备用网站?

Finding the right competence and technologies is crucial for a new business to grow and thrive. We understand that this can be a challenge for international companies that lack the necessary contact network.


  • Connect with regional partners and their local network
  • Identify relevant clusters and/or industry organisations, 研究机构, 大学, 创新公司等.
  • Forward your request for support to suitable business partners, 包括代理记账机构, 律师, auditor firms and payroll professionals


Can you help me find suitable site location and business facilities?

是的,我们可以! Finding a location and understanding its advantages in a new market can be time-consuming. We are your one-stop-shop in the site selection process, ensuring a smooth establishment journey to 日博备用网站.


  • 找到可用的网站在我们的 交互式地图工具
  • Provide strategic advice in the process of evaluating potential sites
  • Coordinate the site selection process, benchmark locations and organize site visits


How do I deal with recruitment regulations and other legal matters, any advice?

Market entry demands an understanding of local laws and regulations as well as practices for operating a business and employing personnel. This is a challenge for most newcomers on the Swedish market.


  • Offer general information on legal, financial and employment matters
  • Advise on company registration, recruitment and migration
  • 你可以找到更多的信息 建立导游


We are going to revise our investment decisions – can you help to strengthen the Swedish case?

绝对. It is important to review investment decisions to keep growing and stay up to date with industry changes.


  • Make cost analyses and comparisons with other countries
  • Help you to access key stakeholders, both in the public and private sector
  • Provide basic location searches in the Nordic region


General questions about investments in 日博备用网站